Tea & Jyotish - May 14, 2023

Uncomfortable Evolution of the Soul

"Who you really are is not who you think you are!"

In this bonus tea & jyotish session, Kaya gives an overview of the patterns of several key configurations influencing us in the months to come. Throughout, she provides suggestions, recommendations for how to gather the good from this time and how to avoid pitfalls and stay balanced. How these configurations individually express will depend on your horoscope. Please contact Michael Manzella for one on one consultations at www.JyotishResolution.com 

  • 00:01 – Of Boons & Curses, Omens & Special Welcome to the youngest ever student in Kaya’s classes 
  • 03:30 –  Invocation to Gaṇapati & Verse to the Divine Mother
  • 08:30 – Overview of this session on Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu & Mars 
  • 14:00 – Saturn in Satabhisha – the Realm of 100 Healers & Suggestions for this Time – Jan 2023-Jan 2024
  • 25:00 – Jupiter starting a new 12 year cycle
  • 30:44 – Note for those who do Healing work for Others
  • 32:15 – Jupiter in Fast Acting Aries for this year until April 2024 – Take time to Reflect and then Take Wise Action
  • 36:30 – Jupiter with Rahu in Aries through October 2023 – Time to approach with Care & Dharma
  • 52:00 – Saturn as an anchor at this time – Remember Dharmic Discipline
  • 54:00 – Mars, weak in the sign of Cancer
  • 1:05:00 – Overview of Remedies for this time

"Live not a careful life, but a life of care"

Send a Note to Kaya

Anything you would like to share with Kaya about your experience of listening to this Tea & Jyotish session? Any big aha moments, insights, intentions for yourself? 


00:25 – Moon Nakshatra placement in the Shatabisha

02:45 – Staying in step with cosmic order

05:30 – Chameleon shapeshifter energy, hypermobility, & finding the thread of our Self amongst the varying roles

11:30 – When you know who you are you can do anything without changing who you are

14:05 – Polarities within a horoscope create depth

16:55 – Mars in Cancer and arguing with our mothers

24:20 – Reckoning with getting what you want


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