Tea & Jyotish: Simple New Year

"Take time to walk around the situation."

Tea & Jyotish: New Year gets a Slow Start this year

This year we might say that the beginning of 2023 has us re-visiting, continuing and re-emphasizing the challenging themes of 2022 and even all the way back to 2020. It’s more a contemplative time for your spiritual practice {sādhana} small trusted community {sangha} and nurturing self love and self care {soma}. We will get more positive, auspicious forward movement toward the second part of January. So no need to rush into anything, particularly in the worldly sphere! Make a cup of tea & take a listen. 

Releasing New Year's Pressure

I’ve noticed the New Year pressure over the past several years – urgency around this threshold can eat you up. So five minutes on releasing getting caught up in your own or other people’s urgency at the new year. 

Rarely is life an emergency. You have time to make decisions, time to contemplate and time to reflect and forge your way ahead on your timeline. In the Tea & Jyotish sharing you can see why taking your time is particularly prudent this year. 


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