Soma Nidra for Rejuvenation

“All praise to thee, oh divine nectar. May we enter your secret caves of intuitive wisdom. Reveal to us the soft luminosity that is yours to give. May we wander freely in hidden contemplative revelation” ~ prayer to soma

Are you depleted?

From January 2020-January 2023 we’ve been under influence of Saturn {known as Shani Maharaj} in Capricorn. 

This time brought many many lessons, responsibilities, hard work, isolation, restriction, anxiety, dryness, early aging and seriousness. Though some blessings may have come through this time, you may be experiencing the depletion of the inner nectar, known as soma. 

As saturn will make a big shift soon, it’s important to rest, reflect & rejuvenate to regather the nectar of immortality.  

Soma is the nourishing principle of the cosmos, the juice of rejuvenation, the luminosity of the moon, the flow of the sacred waters, and the divine nectar of immorality. 

A healthy flow of soma can be gathered with particular foods, plant medicines, and through particular yogic practices & luminous states experienced within. The best ways to gather more nectar of consciousness include deep sleep, yoga nidrā, meditation and gentle inner forms of yoga. 

Enjoy your guided Soma Nidra Practice

1 min demo: śavāsana

Soma Nidrā practice was developed specifically for yoga practitioners suffering from depletion, high vāta or high pitta. It helps to cultivate the Soma Nectar within the subtle spine & whole body. This inner nectar replenishes, soothes, calms your nervous system, whole body, mind and heart. It is ideal for recovering from fatigue, depletion, inflammation, insomnia. It is also ideal for deepening into the mystical realms within. 

For this practice, you can lie in supported shavasana, or sit in supported meditation or rest on your side.  

5 Min on Saturn & Soma Depletion

3 years of Saturn in Capricorn & nectar depletion!

Listen to how Saturn & Soma have opposite qualities & why soma is the remedy for this time…

~ What is Soma
~ Soma – Saturn are opposite
~ Symptoms of soma depletion
~ Symptoms of soma replenishment
~ Practical suggestions for the mystical nectar

*5 min well worth your time for for re-gathering the nectar of immortality, clipped from Kaya’s Nectar of Time membership. 

Need more Nectar?

Soma: Nectar of Immortality
January 2023 Series

Dive more deeply into the ocean of soma, with therapeutic, slow, subtle practice to increase the flow of soma nectar, becoming more calm, nourished and replenished. Truly experience a magical yoga ~ inner oriented, accessible & advanced. 

January begins a three month journey into the realms of soma with Kaya. The SRY Studio online is easy to navigate and designed to support you – 80% of members do regular practice!

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!