Namaste or Not? How Kaya ends her yoga classes.

Part 1

Should we say namaste at the end of yoga class?

This question comes up constantly in the yoga world. And the question is a good one because we want to honor the yoga tradition and its stewards. In this video below, Kaya explains 

  • The traditional meaning and use of Namaste
  • The modern meaning and use
  • Is it appropriate at the end of a yoga class

Namaste is a bow of reverence and surrender to the divine form. 

Namaste isn’t something we say at the end… but at the beginning.

However, we never want to use knowledge to judge or diminish anyone else’s good intent. There are ways we can alter our practice without shaming other teachers. Kaya addresses this in the video below.. Learn more in the 5 min video!

Part 2

How Kaya Ends Yoga Classes

Hear the pronunciation of the recitation that Kaya ends each yoga class with. Then, below, enjoy this deeper teaching about the true meaning of the Om Śāntiḥ mantra and why the word for peace is always repeated 3x. 

The Three Sources of Karma

What does Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti mean? And why do we chant it three times?

Video above is an excerpt from Kaya’s program: De-Mystifying Karma. Karma is a vast, nuance and in-depth subject that is essential for yogic seekers who want to better understand the play of free will and destiny in their lives. Finally get answers to questions about reincarnation, where the teachings of karma come from, the role of relationship and ancestry in karma, the power of personal choice, is there really “good” and “bad” karma, and more. 

Learn more about Mantra & Sanskrit

Online offerings For Dedicated Practitioners

Sanskrit is the sacred language & sacred sound that has codified all yogic knowledge. As the deeper meaning of each word is built into the sound, Sanskrit has an imperative for proper pronunciation. Changing the sounds of Sanskrit words can change the meaning.

The study of Sanskrit pronunciation is essential for yoga teachers and indispensable for yogic seekers sooner or later.

Delve into pronunciation, & practice of sacred meaning and sacred sound with Kaya. 

Study the magic, art, and science of mantras and Sanskrit and how they relate to Karma. 

Mantras for Knowledge

Taught Live February 10, 2022

Mantras for Daily Life

Taught Live February 17, 2022

Sanskrit Pronunciation

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De-Mystifying Karma

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