Your Svabhava – Storytime from the Ramayana

Deep listening to sacred stories is a sādhana – a spiritual practice. 

One of the most common questions I get from students is, “does my dharma change or stay the same throughout my life?” 
Essentially…. your dharma [your duties] are multiple, complicated, ever changing and multifaceted – especially as a householder! 
But what abides is your sva-bhāva. This is your innate nature, that is the result of the momentum of karma fruiting in this life. 
This story of a conversation between Rāma & Sita – incarnations of the upholders of dharma, Viṣnu and Lakṣmi is a perfect example of the meaning of svabhāva. Enjoy!

And now, storytime...

“Oh Rāma! Behold these Rishis who have been abused by fierce Rakshasas. You are the one who can offer us protection!” – Rāmāyana

Your svabhāva is not your “status, but your natural gifts – your “vibe” in the deepest sense. 
Your svabhava can be revealed in meditative moments, as well as through vedic astrology, āyurvedic wisdom, and by inquiring for reflections from those who know & appreciate your innate gifts. 
Your svabhava abides in everything you do…. the more in touch you are with your svabhava, the more clear you are in your decisions and approach in life. 

Storytelling, practices and teachings given at the right time are a healing remedy that allow you to entrain to time.

Clues to your svabhāva appears in the different teachings and stories of the vedic tradition. 
Are you transformative like Durgā? Playful like the Rishi Nārada? Intelligent and artful like Sarasvati? Protective like Rāma and Sitā? 
Are you…. 
Fiery • Watery • Airy • Earthy • Creative • Protective • Supportive • Transformative • Playful • Intellectual • Joyful • Peaceful • Forceful • Unrelenting • Mediating • Discerning • Simple • Complicated • Hopeful • Idealistic • Realistic • Generous • Curious • Calm…  
Stories and teachings made meaningful are a medicine on your personal journey of self-discovery. 

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I love the Nectar of Time! Kaya is a fabulous teacher and shares her wisdom in such a nurturing way. Every session is shared in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply to my life. The sessions give me time and space to slow down and tune in. Building this time in to my monthly routine has been the perfect way to take a sacred pause. The impact these sessions have had on my life have been profound. It's changing the way I look at and I interact with the universe. Making conscious decisions to live my life in a more harmonious way has greatly improved my life. I look forward to each session and I’m so grateful to have such a warm and nurturing teacher!
Nectar of time is beautiful place to remember that we are part of something grand. I’m amazed how Kaya’s teachings are generous, uplifting, and ever nourishing. It’s never about what you must do, but how to find and live the magic in our daily lives. Nectar of Time helps ground me. It reminds me that all is a dance with everything that moves from the very cup of tea I poor in the morning to more important issues in my life. With Kaya, it’s never about information, though you get plenty. She shares wisdom, Vedic wisdom that it reaches your heart. You grow, you learn, you transform. It’s not a course that you take and move on to the next thing. It lingers with you, it stays with you, it supports you. You are not a consumer of information, it’s always about connection. And that is so rare in this modern world.
I spent so much of life pushing against forces beyond my control but Kaya shows a more calm, deeper more harmonious way through life - if we know what the cycles are, and the remedies and the practices that will support us. The teachings and stories in the Nectar of Time always come at the perfect moment. I might be right in the middle of the kind of struggle that Kaya is talking about, and she gives the remedies, practices, mantra to alleviate struggle and accentuate the blessings of the time. On top of all the beautiful wisdom, there is the community, and the feeling that you’re not alone, and that there are many people trying to live a life that is more harmonious and in tune with these beautiful wisdom teachings. It's such a gift and I cannot imagine living without it now.

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