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Sanskrit Invocation – Mantras for Knowledge

Sanskrit Invocation Class

Mantras for Knowledge

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In this class Kaya shares key meaning and pronunciation of several Sanskrit invocations that are used in a traditional learning setting. Mantras have many purposes, the invocations taught in this class are open to all who wish to chant them! You’ll learn the beautiful value and purpose and how to chant properly. You can return to the recording again and again to practice!

In this 90 Min Class + Extra Q&A Kaya Teaches:

  • Why we begin with Om
  • Why we end with Om Shanti x3
  • The opening Mantra for sacred study
  • The Mantra to Wholeness
  • The Mantra in Appreciation of Teachers
  • More!

Audio: Kaya Chanting Universal Peace Mantras {to be taught in the Sanskrit Mantras for Daily Life class!}