Tea and Jyotish – All About Saturn

Stranger in a Strange Land

Saturn influence in your horoscope can have you feeling "different" and can intensify spiritual seeeking, responsibility, the desire for renunciation, slowness, delays and vāta. Saturn retrograde will exaggerate these themes. ~ Kaya

This is my love letter to the beautiful, unusual, strange, sensitive śani-ruled seekers out there! 

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"May the divine lead me to the understanding that I am not limited to this body-mind-life; that I am the eternal presence,. May I be lead to thoat innermost illuminative presence of myself that was, is and will be"

~ Śri Krishan Mantrij

Happy Solstice to you

Ayānanta ~ solstice ~ the day of the longest illumination of the year.

Such days are a reminder of the source of illumination within. They are an opportunity for a sacred pause, for delight in the wonder of the rhythms of nature, the wonder of the sun, and the wonder that is the gift of wisdom systems that reveal the illumination within you.

A day like this is a transition point… tomorrow the days begin to get shorter… and we are coaxed inward toward inner illumination.

That yoga’s purpose is to reveal the illumination that you are is the reason the concept of “Yoga Day” was created by leading yoga gurus {not politicians as many believe} and established on the day of the brightest & longest day of the year. Today is a day to honor yourself and the tools that reveal the truth of your being.

Solstice happening with Saturn retrograde is a reminder that while to reveal the illumination within, we must engage in the uncomfortable work it takes to shine a light on the hidden, the past, the karmas, the resistances, the lessons, the traumas, the hurt. Saturn truly blesses with the life lessons your soul needs for true embodied revelation. 

Subtle Sacred Spine

Soften through the layers TO REVEAL THE SACRED REALMS WITHIN yourself.

Supreme Release Yoga June 2022 series

Your spine is the central axis of your physical body, the “house” of karmic knots and the central conduit of the kuṇḍalinī śakti, soma nectar and primary spinal cakras. 

Each practice emphasizes a different aspect of the subtle body through embodied contemplative practice. 

This series of on-demand practices will be released week-by-week. Plus, join Kaya for a live Q&A sangha on June 10th. 

Vedic Astrology Readings

Michael Manzella is an expert Jyotishi {Vedic Astrologer}. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach is a balm to clients internationally. If you’re at a juncture point in life, require insight or strategy, want to gain strategy & insight regarding key aspects of life {work, family, finance, study, relationships etc}, Jyotish readings offer profound guidance.