Tea and Jyotish – Tantra, Transformation and Miraculous Healing

The Sacred Tantric Portal of June 2022

Depending on how you approach this time it could be an uncomfortable & destructive time of fixating on desire, or a blissful & illuminative portal to heal. Take a listen to this month's "tea & jyotish" video to learn more.

In the video above, I point to some reasons why this time in particular is a “time for tantra”. 

• Watery femme Venus in the fiery masculine realm of Aries

• Rahu, the head of the celestial serpent {connected to Kuṇdalinī Śakti} coaxes us to disrupt the status quo.

• A current that impacts home and intimate relationships and what this means for spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners

• Venus in Aśvini constellation calls us toward holistic healing & mystical medicine

•  A little about what’s happening in my family!

•  Āyurveda recommendations for this time

• How personal healing and transformation can help the collective.

What an opportunity to take the reins and tend to your "home" {your body} and deepen the most intimate relationship of your life - the relationship with your self & the true healing you seek.

What is Tantra?

Tantra offers the perspective & practices in which we take our current conditions, limitations, karmic knots, saṃskāras and transmute them into fuel for spiritual awakening. 

Working consciously with the Kuṇdalinī Śakti, the cakras, the nādis, managing lifestyle and relationships and seeing all of life itself as an opportunity for awakening…. all of this falls into the category of “tantra.”

Tantra includes working with the layers of life through mantra, prāṇāyāma & hatha yoga to access, nurture, and purify the sacred subtle realms within. 

The divine feminine Kuṇdalinī Śakti, who is the spiritual drive and potential located within you… she waits until you are prepared, to travel through the subtle spine and move you forward in your spiritual journey of life. 

Authentic yoga practice can support her pilgrimage {which is your own sacred journey}. Supreme Release Yoga does this in a gentle, authentic way. 

Friday June 3 is extra special!

Any time you delve inward is a good time to do it! But… there are certain especially charged times to begin. On June 3rd, 2022, 2 things happen: Mercury moves direct + the moon is in the constellation of Puṣya

Puṣya is particularly significant in my personal horoscope, and that of my guru Krishan Mantriji as well. Puṣya moon days are extra special days for STARTING a spiritual practice, giving it an extra auspicious influence. And so… this makes it a perfect day to start such a practice! 

I would love you to join the SRY Studio if you haven’t yet… and start with a practice on this day… even if you don’t have time to fit in a practice, just taking that sacred step forward with your intention makes a difference. 


Subtle Sacred Spine

Soften through the layers TO REVEAL THE SACRED REALMS WITHIN yourself.

Supreme Release Yoga June 2022 series

Your spine is the central axis of your physical body, the “house” of karmic knots and the central conduit of the kuṇḍalinī śakti, soma nectar and primary spinal cakras. 

Each practice emphasizes a different aspect of the subtle body through embodied contemplative practice. 

This series of on-demand practices will be released week-by-week. Plus, join Kaya for a live Q&A sangha on June 10th. 

Nectar of Patanjali

Clarifying Yoga: Spiritual Journey of Life

A rare opportunity to delve into these essential teachings in ways that touch the heart deeply and impact your practice & life directly. Kaya will select key sūtras and extract the mystical & practical nectar of this sacred manual, using the traditional commentary and the blessing of the oral teachings of her gurus and mentors who show how Patanjali restates the Upanishads & the Bhagavad Gitā. We will explore key sūtras on Yoga’s definition, purpose, potential & practice. 

Online & Recorded

Vedic Astrology Readings

Michael Manzella is an expert Jyotishi {Vedic Astrologer}. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach is a balm to clients internationally. If you’re at a juncture point in life, require insight or strategy, want to gain strategy & insight regarding key aspects of life {work, family, finance, study, relationships etc}, Jyotish readings offer profound guidance. 

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!