Tea & Jyotish: Lunar Eclipse Launches May 2023

Vedic Astrology insights

Eclipse Portal to a Time of Change!

May 2023 starts with a full moon eclipse on May 5/6 

This lunar eclipse is unusual in the cluster of configurations that exaggerate its influence. Take time to go quietly inward, to participate with resolving the past karmic knots that bind, and receive wisdom that allows you to step firmly forward into your future.

This is a profound [but uncomfortable!] time that is a “shake up” of the status quo. You may be feeling the effects, as this eclipse rounds the end of a two week eclipse “season” which began with an April solar eclipse. 

You Might be feeling

  • Swinging between frantic forward motion and stuck grogginess
  • Themes, people or karmic patterns of the past reappearing
  • Overwhelm that leads to over-strategizing or worry
  • Feeling that are in a threshold that will lead to change
  • Difficulty accessing a stability of the heart’s knowing
  • Increased intuition or dreams that stir you up
  • Ambition for change or being forced to change or grow ready or not
  • Instability of mind, or even feeling mentally weak
  • Feeling kicked forward in life in a massive way

This eclipse season was clustered with a some other very significant astrological shifts and so how you are feeling is going to be connected to all of those configurations. 

I’ll be covering the major current influences – Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Moon inside this month’s Nectar of Time sessions – taught live & recorded for members. Join Here. 

The creation story of Eclipses

During the hours of the eclipse:


  • Quietude & simple living
  • Spiritual practice 
  • Mantra recitation
  • Calming Yoga Āsana 
  • Sacred scriptural study
  • Rest, staying in, being peaceful
  • Openness to change vision 


  • Gazing / looking at eclipses.
  • Charging crystals, making ghee, soaking or flower essences under eclipses
  • Eating [if possible]
  • Media, social media
  • Stress or conflict
  • Starting a new worldly endeavor

About this Paritular lunar eclipse

The moon is connected to your manas – the emotional, reactive, like-dislike part of your mind. When it is eclipsed, many experience emotionality and a feeling of the mind being “disturbed”. This can manifest in changing your mind frequently, anxiety or over-thinking, difficulty with sleep, mental over-activity or mental sluggishness [or both], ups and downs of emotions, and emotions from the past whipping forward. 

Eclipses in general can cause the past to whip forward into your present AND can also kick you forward into your future and make you shed your present faster than expected. An eclipse can bring an unexpected change, reveal hidden issues or have you call things into question and either crave or fear change. 

All of this can cause you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, frantic or frozen, depending on how you are built!

One saving grace is that this eclipse is being looked at from across the zodiac by calm, stable, protective, wise Jupiter and is also in a lunar constellation ruled by Jupiter. So if you lean into more “Jupitarian” things you’ll do very well through this time. 

Jupitarian things that may come into your life now and would benefit you are: 

  • Scriptural teachings & stories
  • Wise Counsel and Trusted Advisors
  • Reason & Wisdom
  • Relationship with dharmic teachers
  • Connection to your own personal purpose
  • Time with children or being childlike
  • Spiritual practice, especially devotional
  • Contemplation & Reflection

This particular eclipse can also bring into conflict the desires and needs of two sides – individuals vs society, life partners, parent and child, teacher and student. We also might encounter a cross-road or a major choice between two options right now. You might be facing a choice between two life paths or alternate realities and you must choose. 

You’ll be compelled to say “yes” to one thing and “no” to another thing such as:

  • Home
  • School
  • Person / Relationship
  • Profession
  • Inner pattern
  • Business 
  • Partnerships
  • Work vs Play
  • Money spent or saved
  • Old values, new values. 

Mercury, Venus & Mars’ influence right now is going to compound this eclipse “vibe” and will extend beyond the eclipse is creating a need for review & review, and you may find yourself feeling that over-planning, debating, thinking, analyzing may cause more anxiety and nervous system depletion or overwhelm. There will be much to do & much to think about. 

How to know what to say Yes and what to say No to? 

Again, we want to have these Jupitarian things. We need a calm centered mind that is RESTING in its throne – the heart. We want to contemplate, reflect, take time and use all those Jupitarian supports, protection & guidance listed above. Bring in rest, social bliss, support, sadhana, listen to omens and so on. 

must tell you that these themes will continue likely through the Month of May… and even through October of this year. Ultimately this is a BIG GROWTH time. I can say that is as true for me as it is for the clients & students I have been supporting through this time. We are in for a new beginning now and in the months to come. May this time be harmonious and lead to good. 

Navigate this time & gather the boons!

If you heed the call toward spiritual practice & wellness disciplines you’ll ride this challenging time with more ease, and can gain the boons of intuition & forward motion that are possible now! You have plenty of time to do this. It is an especially good time for practices that help you set aside the mind’s chatter and deepen into a truly open heart so you can listen to divine messages from within & from beyond. 

This is an essential time for 

  • mantra recitation
  • devotional practice 
  • inward oriented āsana that centers on the heart 
  • self oil massage
  • self-love
  • rest
  • reflection
  • simple joys
  • healthy foods
  • whatever brings you inner peace. 
  • allowance for closure of the past and the emergence of what is to come 


Propelled [but uncomfortable] Forward Movement

While it’s an important time to slow down, this eclipse is UNIQUE because you’ll also be COMPELLED to step forward [ready or not] into imperfect but ALIGNED action. Holding the ability to do both requires spiritual practice and sacred wisdom .  Much more about all of the jyotish configurations of May inside the Nectar of TIme, and practices to guide and support you through the big changes with sādhana inside the SRY Studio [more about both of these offerings – which fit beautifully together – below]

Learn with Kaya in May

May’s Nectar of Time offerings explore sacred stories and vedic astrology lessons that teach how the divine can appear as a terrifying form, a trickster, or a karmic delivery system to help us to shed the past, deepen and grow. 

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Practice with Kaya in May

 Our practices in the SRY Studio this month are a perfect companion to this time, as we will reveal the true heart by releasing the rigidity of the ribcage and settle the mind by drawing it into it’s throne. 

True Heart Opening

Release Ribcage, Align Head & Heart

May 2023 series

Most of what yogaland calls “heart opening” is actually overstretching and compressing the upper spine causing the ribcage to go on “lockdown”. The result is a further disconnection of head & heart. 

This four week series coaxes gentle and real release of your heart, while protecting your shoulders and aligning your head & heart. The result is an inner receptivity, stability, attunement to intuition and even divine bliss. 

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

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