Tea & Jyotish: Time for a Sacred Pause

"Take time to walk around the situation."

Tea & Jyotish: Big Shifts Happening Now!

January 2023 is a time of huge shift, and a call to take a sacred pause before stepping forward with inspiration, optimism & renewed insight. Take a listen… 

In this Tea & Jyotish episode, I share a bit about the big shifts of January: 

  • Mars went direct – alleviating some of the stuck & stalled feelings you’ve been having! 
  • Sun moved into Capricorn – two heavy hitters of karma & dharma come together 
  • Saturn MOVED!!! This is a big deal.  

It’s not been an transition! Can you feel it? But optimism is coming… and this time of shift, called “sandhi” in sanskrit is an invitation to take a sacred pause. Where there is a sandhi, there is great shakti {power}. 

So take rest, reflect, release before moving forward in rhythm with the cosmos!

Exclusive Tea & Jyotish & More!

More in depth TEA & JYOTISH {and much more} is now exclusively inside the Nectar of Time. In this container you receive live & on demand: 

  • stories of gods & goddesses, 
  • vedic festivals 
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Nectar of Time is now open to you as a monthly membership!  January is a PERFECT time to join, so you can get guidance for this shift and the months ahead… this month includes a FREE yoga practice, mantra & lots of Tea & Jyotish to guide you. {plus you’ll be able to access all the past content in our monthly library}

Rejuvenation & Sacred Pause

After the three long & challenging karma years of Saturn in Capricorn you are likely depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed or feeling pessimistic. You may even feel like you aged a lot. This time is a deep call for two profoundly related things: 

1. the re-gathering of Soma – the nectar of immortality within

2. taking a sacred pause to rest, reflect & rejuvenate {in this pause, soma increases}


This is exactly what we are doing inside the SRY Studio – in January. Join now. 

This is a great month to join me in the Studio, as each practice involves deep pauses to help us in this transition and gather the blissful, rejuvenating nectar of immortality within, Soma

Nectar of Time

Nectar of Time

Private Container to attune to the Sacred

A full year guided by the current of the divine – Time. Kaya shares monthly vedic astrology insights, devotional festivals, sacred stories, yogic lifestyle suggestions, live Q&A time and more. This container is an opportunity to experience life as a ritual and celebration, anchored to the breath of the Cosmos. 

Supreme Release Yoga

Supreme Release Yoga

Soma: Nectar of Immortality
Supreme Release Yoga with Kaya

Soma is the nourishing principle of the cosmos, the juice of rejuvenation, the luminosity of the moon, the flow of the sacred waters, and soma is the divine nectar of immorality within you generated in your head & flowing down your spine. 

In 2023 inside the SRY Studio we’re going on a profound pilgrimage of soma nectar, from healing, to transformation, to illumination to integration & beyond. 

Supreme Release Yoga is a deep, gentle therapeutic, slow, subtle practice that will increase the flow of nectar in your body, spine & mind, making you more calm, nourished and rejuvenated and dropping you off in the illuminative experience of the self. 

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!