Tea & Jyotish: Saturn’s Position & Shiva’s Drum

It's time to get in rhythm with the divine cosmic order.

7 min on Saturn in the Realm of Shiva's Drum!

Now that we’ve entered February it will finally start to feel like the new year is beginning. We have passed through the uncomfortable & slow transition period that many have felt for the past month and Shani Maharaj {Saturn} has fully arrived in Aquarius. These means we are moving from restriction & isolation into rhythm & humanitarianism. 

I recommend you take this week to plan your days, weeks & months ahead. You might do both BIG vision & tend to the small daily actions and attunements. 

February & March are the time when Saturn is in the segment of Aquarius that is symbolized by Shiva’s drum, the damaru… so it is a perfect time to dance with the rhythms of the cosmos with routines, rituals, and a patterned way of living that soothes the soul. 

It’s important to remember that where there is a beat, there is always a rest. The beat-rest pattern is what makes rhythm. In the vedic tradition everything is looked at with multilayered meaning… with the same principles manifesting in variegated ways. Here are a few manifestations of the beat-rest-beat-rest principle I share in the video… 

  • Beat-rest-beat-rest is the rhythm of life – we do an action, take a rest… we live the day and sleep at night. 
  • Beat-rest-beat-rest is the rhythm of spiritual sādhana – we do a practice, we sit in silence & stillness to absorb and integrate.
  • Beat-rest-beat-rest is the rhythm of your spine – the sacred conduit of the soma {shiva’s favorite divine elixir; the juice of the moon; the nectar of immortality} and the kuṇḍalini śakti within. The sacred pattern of your spine is vertebrae-space-vertebrae-space-vertebrae-space. 
This video is a short clip from a 30 minute teaching about Saturn in the constellation of Dhaṇiṣṭa accessed inside the Nectar of Time


As a lover & listener of these mystical & practical sharings I want to personally invite you to join me all month long to celebrate the cosmic rhythm! To be sure, February is a very special month where so much aligns! 

Take a look below… and join for one or both of these offerings… 


SomaFlow ~ Explore the internal rhythm & nectar of your spine!

Therapeutic, blissful, releasing enlivening – perfect for stepping into the cosmic rhythm of February!

Join me this month inside the SRY Studio for a series which is truly a celebration of rhythm and rest. We decompress the spine, explore profound movement and thread it all together with soma mantra & enlivening nourishing prāṇāyāma. You get four practices with me + access to our whole library of on-demand practices so you can practice with me anytime. 

Supreme Release Yoga practice is truly a yoga practice you can fall in love with that will love you back.  


Nectar of Time ~ Celebrating Śiva, the divine householder yogi!

Stories, practices, mystical teachings, self-care inspiration guided by the vedic calendar & astrology. 

A few week’s ago I re-opened the doors to the Nectar of Time container because there’s so much juiciness to share this year. And don’t we all need guidance, support & divine inspiration after the challenging past 3 years?

In February we delve into the realms of Shiva in celebration of Shivarātri – the night of Shiva that is coming soon. There will be stories, chanting to shiva & his damaru led by a beautiful guest teacher, mantra, yoga, and more vedic astrology insights for the month. Shiva dancing and playing his damaru, then meditating in front of the fire, then living the married live Parvati and their two sons, is the epitome of rhythm and rest! Join me inside the Nectar of Time

2 ways to study & practice with Kaya, perfect for February 2023!

Nectar of Time

Private Container to attune to the Sacred

Experience life organized and nourished by the sacred nectar of time. Each month Kaya shares festivals of the vedic calendar, Vedic Astrology insights in real time, stories of Gods & Goddesses, deep teachings and lifestyle practices that transform life into a meaningful ritual. Learn to step in rhythm with the divine drumbeat who takes the form Time Each month includes live teachings, Q&A, and bonus content to help you orient each month attuned to cosmic order. 

February Series: SomaFlow

Rhythm | Release | Rejuvenation

This month, Kaya shares initiation into the SomaFlow practice, a blissful journey that threads relaxing release + prāṇāyāma + soma mantra + rhythmic movement that pulls the nectar of vitality through the subtle spine. SomaFlow increases vitality, juiciness, & bliss. It guides the body to fill with renewed life force deep in the subtle realms. Each week progressively deepens your spinal decompression & develops the stages of the SomaFlow practice. This series is therapeutic, blissful, rhythmic, releasing, restructuring & rejuvenating & enlivening.
The practices are woven with deep contemplations about Soma, the nectar of immortality, from tantric texts & the oral tradition.

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!