The December 2021 Solar Eclipse

During an eclipse, the outer sources of light and wisdom are obscured, These are times to retreat from worldly action as much as possible and explore the source of light within. ~ Kaya

We have a solar eclipse on Dec 3/4.  Here are some suggestions & meanings. 
For more extensive teachings {and origin story of eclipses from purana} go to the previous post from the recent lunar eclipse found here. 


While lunar eclipses impact the mind and inner realms of thoughts, preferences and feelings, a solar eclipse impacts one’s destiny pattern as an individual overall, and impacts the outer realms of government and other institutions of power and influence. Below, read about the Sun in general, and this solar eclipse in the section of Scorpio known as “Jyeṣtha Nakshatra” while also under the influence of Mars and Mercury… 

Sūrya Deva

The Sun: Manifestation of Fire, Light, Dharma and Power

The sun, in veda lore is associated with fire {the sun being a form of lord Agni}, light, dharma, the ātma {roughly and imperfectly translated as soul}, government and large institutions and the father or divine masculine principle. Where the moon rules the inner realms of emotions and the principle of nurturance, the Sun is connected to outer action, systems that govern and organize us, and the soul’s journey in life. 
Sūrya Deva is of a regal and serious nature, ever-shining, ever-powerful, ever-responsible. 

That which is real, is never not being. The ultimate truth of both - what is true, and what appears to be true is understood by the wise.

When the Sun is "Eclipsed"

The sun ever illumines our path in life and the world around us. During a solar eclipse, the light and meanings of the sun are shifted… sometimes with lasting impact. It can effect our destiny at the individual level, and even change direction of humanity or society. It is important to remain balanced and simple during these times. 
A solar eclipse can have global impact as it effects institutions, rulers and those with power. This particular Solar eclipse may be less impactful than others, as it is only visible in two locations, South Africa and Southern Australia… still it is the sun, around which we all revolve… and a ripple in one location can certainly have a broader effect. 

A Solar Eclipse of Extremes, Secrecy, Intrigue and Mystery

The various circumstances of this particular solar eclipse creates some good spiritual opportunity – very good for spiritual growth and inner work. 
This eclipse takes place in the lunar constellation of Jyeṣthā. This location in the star sphere relates to “the eldest”, responsibility, characteristics of the elder sibling. It also is related to intrigue, mystery, secrecy the occult… and even scandal. 
This eclipse could either re-infuse the powerful with more power and secrecy, or catalyze the revelation of long held secrets and the deconstruction of excess power. It can invoke the desire to be free from the fetters of the supremacies, institutions, and policies that bind. The question for all of us will be – to whom am I responsible and to what is my allegiance? Watch for the arrogance of others and yourself. 
We might expect to see an increased desire for freedom – at a personal or social level. There are also humanitarian themes here, as in those who feel responsible for others, like an elder sibling. 
Which direction things will go we have yet to see. The best we can do is stay clear headed, and free from fixation that one’s perception of the truth is always accurate. Know that those in power may manipulate for personal gain whilst feigning humanitarianism. 
Know that you may need to make life choices after the eclipse passes, and you’ll want to have a mind that available to see what’s what.
This eclipse has spiritual potential and connection to the occult. Even some of the most powerful agents in society may be using the occult to gain strength, charm and influence. Be wary and careful of charm and arrogance, some will use these powers to grab power and manipulate. 
For those who are truly spiritually inclined, this is a good time to delve into your own spiritual practices and deepen within – particularly with mantra and contemplation – for the sake of better inner guidance for your destiny. 
With the right approach, this eclipse can offer an opportunity to re-commit to deeper values, to do spiritual practice, and to be open and in pursuit of the revelation of truths – even if uncomfortable. We can allow for inner truths to guide personal destiny, as well as societal truths that lead to a better fate for our dear others in our communities and the globe. It is time to TRULY view one another as siblings on this earth, subject to shared fears and desires, each doing our best. How to stay open? With a softened receptive body and mind that is available for clarity.


An eclipse, is a time to take a respite from outer life or public life, and turn within. It is not a time to start a new worldly endeavor or make a major decision. But it is a good time to enter the portal of your inner world. Go to the inner realms. Quieten down and keep life simple for a day. Do not LOOK at eclipses, for, without proper training in this more occult act, it is considered inauspicious. 
The suggestions below are based on this particular eclipse which is under the influence of Mars, Ketu, and Jyeṣtha constellation. 

Ketu – spiritually inclined mystery maker shadow planet who creates eclipses

  • Quietude & Contemplation
  • Simple lifestyle, sattvic foods – such as a plant based local food diet {or gentle fasting} as appropriate
  • Avoid “poisons” in the form of substances, media, and influences
  • Contemplate what true freedom and truth mean to you. Contemplate what it truly means to care for other human beings as a loving sibling, with allowance for differences. 
  • Try not to be overly attached to “sides” and dualistic thinking, beware of arrogance. 
  • Pray that those with power and charm be ethical and truly responsible to what is good. 
  • Be open to sudden change – but wait until after the eclipse to make decisions or take action
  • Be open to the revelation of secrets, scandal, violations of dharma… as the truth will set you free. 
  • No gazing at the eclipse. Do not make eclipse water, charge crystals or herbs, or do outdoor full moon rituals under the eclipse. 
  • Restorative, Inner Oriented Yoga Practice
  • Avoid Conflict, Major Decisions or Starting new endeavors
  • Sacred scriptural study
  • Mantra & Meditation

It is especially important that one do action in accord with dharma for those with much power and influence.

Mantra Practice

Mantra for Eclipse Times

If you are initiated into one of these, or have learned from a teacher, these are recommended. Otherwise, take any mantra that you have been given. 

  • Mahāmṛtyunjaya Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • 108 repetitions of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevāya was recommended by one of my gurus, Krishan Mantriji 

Guided Awareness Practice

Explore the Inner Light

Exploration of the subtle inner forms of light is encouraged during an eclipse.. Please enjoy this deep audio guided awareness practice from inside the SRY studio. For this audio, you can rest reclined on your back with your legs elevated, or curl up on your side. You can also use it as a seated guided meditation practice. 

Supreme Release Yoga

Divine Approach For all Bodies

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

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