Tea and Jyotish – January to April 2022

Anchoring to ride the Forward Motion

We have an incredible opportunity. If we anchor ourselves we can apply our desire to the pursuit of deeper meaning & purpose and ride the serpent, ride the rajas toward your supreme goals.

Key Concepts: Focus, Vision, Clarity, Action, Desire, Intensity, Deepening Meaning, Staying on Purpose, Letting Go.

In this tea & jyotish time we look at two key influences from January – April 2022. It’s an intense, but transformative time which holds a profound opportunity for forward motion and releasing the past. Get a warm beverage, some notes and take a listen. 
The trick will be to stay anchored in your higher purpose and clear in your vision and values while also being able to let go of the wrong thinking of the past and move willingly forward. Can you do it? Do you have support in that realm? May we ride this wave to the greater good – individually and beyond. 

Vedic Astrology Readings

Michael Manzella is an expert Jyotishi {Vedic Astrologer}. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach is a balm to clients internationally. If you’re at a juncture point in life, require insight or strategy, want to gain strategy & insight regarding key aspects of life {work, family, finance, study, relationships etc}, Jyotish readings offer profound guidance. 

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Mantras for Knowledge

February 10, 2022

Mantras for Daily Life

February 17, 2022

Dharma of Form

March 22-24

Nectar of Patanjali

April 17-22

Supreme Release Yoga

SomaFlow Current Theme

Kaya’s Supreme Release Yoga [SRY] emerges out of yoga’s profound teachings. Every aspect of the approach is rooted in the tantrik view that your body itself is a sacred field of awakening. 

Accessible practices reveal blissful states within by gently decompressing your spine and nurturing your whole body.  

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There are times I think you customize these talks just for me. The light you shed is helping me find my way. Thank you.