How to Handle This Lunar Eclipse

During an eclipse, the outer sources of light and wisdom are obscured, These are times to retreat from worldly action as much as possible and explore the source of light within. ~ Kaya

We have a very long and intense partial lunar eclipse coming up on November 18/19, 2021. Below find some stories, teachings and practices for this time. 

The Pūranic Story of Eclipses

The Shadow Planets Swallow the Sun & Moon

This ancient story of why the luminaries are “swallowed” by the nodes … and the story here points to some of the meanings of eclipses. 

In Vedic story, the Celestial Serpent Rāhu and Ketu, convey eternal themes of ambition, pursuit of a desire, purpose, insatiability, illusion, leveling the playing field, immortality, revolution, donning disguises, trickery, manipulation, social unrest, going against the grain, instability, innovation, suddenness, unforeseen consequences, mystery and disruption of the status quo, relating with foreign cultures-lands-religions. ~ Michael Manzella,

According to the Tradition of Vedic Astrology, an eclipse, conceals or obscures the outer sources of light that guide the mind and dharma. Thus, during these phases, your discernment, emotions, and sense of purpose or clarity can go a bit “off the rails”.  
An eclipse, is a time to take a respite from outer life or public life, and turn within. It is not a time to start a new worldly endeavor or make a major decision. But it is a good time to enter the portal of your inner world. Go to the inner realms. Quieten down and keep life simple for a day.

Intense Lunar Eclipse - Nov 18/19

The Lunar Eclipse of "Cutting Away"

This particular lunar eclipse on November 18-19 is an intense one. Because the moon rules the mind, emotions, reactions and preferences, we always expect lunar eclipse to effect the mind. This particular eclipse occurs in the intense constellation of kṛttika – the “devourer”, the one who “cuts”. This location is associated with intense ambition, appetite, conflict, friction and “cutting away”. This lunar eclipse is further intensified by an aspect from the warrior planet mars.  Expect some emotional discomfort, conflict or agitation. Expect the unexpected. 
A saving grace is that Jupiter plays a role in this eclipse, shining it’s qualities of wisdom, protection, and the teacher-student relationship. Jupiter rules dharma, gurus, lineage and wise counsel and teaching. 

With the right approach, this eclipse can be an opportunity to delve more deeply into wisdom and to "cut away" or release those things that no longer serve you and your life. Don't take action or make big changes DURING the eclipse, this is about the inner stage of letting go... or even burning up or sacrificing.. to make space for what is to come. "Put it in the fire" as they say.

  • Quietude & Contemplation

  • No gazing at the eclipse. Do not make “full moon” water, charge crystals or herbs, or do outdoor full moon rituals under the eclipse. 

  • Restorative Yoga Practice

  • Avoid Conflict

  • Let things of the past come to an end  

  • Be open to change without force. No new endeavors or big changes until after eclipse

  • Sacred scriptural study

  • Mantra & Meditation

  • Connect to teachers & teachings

This eclipse can create the ending of things that must end. This shouldn’t be rushed… but be open to letting go, ask to release what no longer serves, ask for insight and guidance, delve into wisdom to support you on the journey. 


Mantra for Eclipse Times

If you are initiated into one of these, or have learned from a teacher, these are recommended. Otherwise, take any mantra that you have been given. 

  • Mahāmṛtyunjaya Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • 108 repetitions of Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevāya was recommended by our Jyotisha Guru, Krishan Mantriji {see below}
Exploration of the subtle inner realm is encouraged during an eclipse.. The best medicine for this particular eclipse is to get down, slow down, and go inward.  Please enjoy this clip from a longer practice inside the SRY studio.

Yoga Practice

For Grounding, Softening & Going Within

The 30 min gentle, accessible practice below is completely reclined! It will decompress & nurture your spine, while taking you inward to listen to yourself. Supreme Release Yoga āsana.

*Do not do any strenuous activity or other styles of  yoga immediately AFTER this practice*

Authentic Teachings & Practices for Your Sacred Life

Vedic Astrology ~ Jyotisha

Michael Manzella is an expert Jyotishi {Vedic Astrologer}. His skill, warmth, humor, depth and practical approach is a balm to clients internationally. If you are at a juncture point in your life, require insight or strategy, want to make a decision about a key aspect of work, family, finance, study, relationships and so on, a Jyotish reading offers profound guidance. 

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!