Turning Inward During an Eclipse

"Every time is a good time, so long as one knows what it is a good time for". - Hart deFouw

A solar eclipse takes place between June 9/10, 2021. This eclipse leaves its impact through June 13th. Indigenous vedic culture and tradition views eclipses as a call  to turn within, practice simplicity and austerity, and to take a pause from any new endeavors, major decisions or outer worldly activity. 

Below are 3 resources for this time ~ 
1. About this eclipse {as shared on Instagram}
2. Shiva Mantra for this time.
3. 16 minute practice: Softening Mūlādhāra Chakra

Use this resource for the rest of this week. May it deliver soma nectar, shiva, earth element, grounding, the inner journey and SLOWNESS. Om Namaḥ Śivāya

1. About this Eclipse

An eclipse is NOT a time for beginning any outer worldly endeavor. As spiritual seekers, this is a very important time to intentionally turn toward your inner source of illumination.

This eclipse is located astronomically in Taurus which calls us to crave home, earth and stability. And at a deeper level the eclipse finds itself in the constellation of Mrgashirsha. 

The symbol of this constellation is the deer who is ever searching, seeking, tracking. You may find yourself seeking, searching, tracking, craving a home, earth or sense of place that seems every shape-shifting. You may find your mind and emotions are unstable with shapeshifting and lack of clarity.  There can be restlessness and a lack of focus or aim right now. 

You may have some concern and agitation around all things related to home and sense of place or stability. Just wait… you may not be seeing things clearly right now.  Slow down your reaction time {as my students hear me say over and over}… and take time before worldly decisions {money, property, travel, work, socializing}.

In an eclipse, the outer sources of light {sun or moon} are distorted, putting us at risk for disturbance to dharma and the mind {ruled by the sun & moon}

This particular eclipse calls us to:
  • Inward focus
  • Groundedness
  • Stability
  • Calming thoughts
  • Earthiness
  • Connection to your tailbone
  • Inner journeys and seeking
  • Holistic natural inner healing, immunity and protection
Image above: Śiva as Mṛtyunjaya, holding a deer, showered by soma {moon ambrosia]. Gujurat, 18th Century AD

This archetypal meanings of this particular eclipse brings a cosmic invitation to practices connected to Śiva, the auspicious One who helps us to release that which must come to an end for the sake of our maturation. It also invokes the Soma Nectar of rejuvenation and the subtle body awareness of the Tantra tradition. All this is embedded in resources #2 & #3 below!

2. Mahāmṛtyunjaya Mantra

This mantra to Śiva is only recommended for certain people and / or at certain times, and this eclipse happens to be one of them. You can listen to this recording, or chant it 12 times or 108 times. It is said that spiritual practices, such as mantra recitation, done during an eclipse will heighten the effect, whilst wordly activities started at this time will be “burnt”. 

I usually keep this recording “private” but release it to public access during times like this!

3. Earth: Softening Mūlādhāra

Exploration of the subtle realm is incredibly encouraged during an eclipse. With this eclipse being in Taurus, which loves “home” but simultaneously in the constellation of mrgashirsha, symbolized by the tracking deer, you may find yourself feeling like you are “searching” for a sense of home and restfulness. The best medicine right now is a softening sense of groundedness. 

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