Nectar of Patanjali

Athā Yogānuśāsanam
And now, Yoga
- Patanjali Yoga Sūtra 1.1 -

Nectar of Patanjali
Yoga Sutras with Kaya

Clarifying Yoga's Purpose, Potential & Practice

Explore key teachings selected from throughout Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtras as enlivened by Kaya’s primary gurus and mentors. This is an opportunity to delve into these essential teachings in ways that touch the heart deeply and impact your practice & life. 

Many modern programs on the Yoga Sūtras are dry and academic centered on the intellect or superficial share circles based on feelings. What is needed is the authenticity and mastery that comes from the lineage-based approach that reveals deeper meanings that lead to true spiritual growth. 

In this program we’ll extract the esoteric and transformational nectar of several key sutras of this sacred manual. With the blessing and inspiration of Kaya’s teachers, we will look at the Yoga Sūtras in the light of the supreme vision of the upaṇiṣads, the practical teachings of advaita vedānta and the mystical connection to the divine. This approach truly enlivens Patanjali Yoga Sutras in profound and meaningful ways. 

Kaya imparts devotion to teaching, scholarship, and genuine love for her students.  Her instruction is clear, straight forward, and delivered in a welcoming, accepting manner.  If she has any “agenda”, it is to remain true to the texts and remain rooted in the teaching tradition. I find great comfort in her objectivity and confidence in the path of each student. With clear examples, humor and love, Kaya has  exceptional skill for making these ancient teachings relevant, useful, and in context of the day to day lives of her students.
I have loved yoga and yoga philosophy for many years. What I immediately noticed with Kaya’s presence was her state. It is apparent that she has studied the eastern philosophy that celebrates the divinity in all, she lives it and it shines through her. If you haven’t taken Kaya’s philosophy courses, just do it. The teachings are given in a way that are personal and relevant to our world  I have been studying these teachings for decades, and Kaya has a skill to make them come alive.

Nectar of Patanjali

April 13-17, 2022
10am-12pm PST each day
{taught live & recorded}

(10 CEU)

We will dive in-depth into key Yoga Sūtras of Patanjali and their traditional commentary of Veda Vyāsa.  This program explores three primary topics: Purpose, Potential & Practice of Yoga. 

Plan to be in the moment, with your heart and mind, and with the text, as envisioned by living lineage. This course will not use many visual slides as other online programs, allowing Kaya to tap in to remain open to the present moment, and inspired by the presence of the group. 

No experience, reading or preparation required

Students are welcome to bring any translation of your choosing if desired for your personal reference. 


ONLINE Program
Live & Recorded

Yoga's purpose, potential & practice

Nectar of Patanjali



Until now I’ve taught Patanjali Yoga Sūtras in small groups, and by request. After six 6 years of teaching Bhagavad Gitā, I was compelled by a loved one, the calling of my own heart and students request to share this text more. It is extremely important that we enter into this not from an academic stance, nor with a grasping at outer achievement. This will not be a dualistic approach, but a sacred pilgrimage into the text from the view of the feminine divine and advaita vedānta. I look forward to joining  together with curiosity, simplicity, and steadfast love for the human journey. 



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