Tea and Jyotish – The Supreme Leap of April 2022

Major Shifts & Supreme Leap

It's time to cultivate a soft devotional attitude, release the fears of the past, remember our power and take a giant leap forward!

In this tea & jyotish time we look at the major astrological changes of April. Get a warm beverage, some notes and take a listen. 

April brings changes in the positions of Venus, Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter & Saturn. These are big shifts and we are called to pay attention to dharma, karma & our habits.

Hanumān Jayānti {birthday} also happens to be April 16th 2022. 

Hanuman – the great vānara born for a great purpose, and given immense power. He’s the original superhero. 

In his youth, he  misuses his powers, and is made to forget them. He is subdued, he becomes humble and gains knowledge and devotion. 

With his heart full of the divine, the time of his purpose arrives, he remembers his power and with clarity, devotion, humility and purpose he regains his strength, power and magical capacities. 

Hanuman is a great incarnation of Śiva, and great devotee of Rām. His story offers so much to learn about what it is to be a true superhero, but also what it is to be in a relationship of devotion… it is not one-sided. For Hanuman loves Rāma, and Rāma loves him in return. Though the divine has no requirement for or dependency on the devotee, it is not a one-sided or dull relationship. Hanuman is dear to Rāma, as the individual is dear to the divine, the student is dear to the teacher, the child is dear to the parent. 

Supreme Leap!

Supreme Release Yoga April Practice with Kaya
Nourish & hydrate your psoas, release the fears of the past, integrate a yogic attitude through your whole body and learn a very special āsana to leap forward in life endowed with softness, strength & śakti! 
Your psoas is likely dehydrated, stressed, shortened, weak and in a constant condition of hyper-vigilance due to years, lifetimes and ancestral influences of fear and anxiety. In April the two great planets of karma & wisdom {Saturn & Jupiter} take a great leap forward… let’s remember our power and leap too. 
This series comes just in time to celebrate Hanuman’s April birthday!
LIVE: Tuesdays 10am PST {recordings available within 24 hours}

Nectar of Patanjali

Clarifying Yoga: Spiritual Journey of Life

A rare opportunity to delve into these essential teachings in ways that touch the heart deeply and impact your practice & life directly. Kaya will select key sūtras and extract the mystical & practical nectar of this sacred manual, using the traditional commentary and the blessing of the oral teachings of her gurus and mentors who show how Patanjali restates the Upanishads & the Bhagavad Gitā. We will explore key sūtras on Yoga’s definition, purpose, potential & practice. 

Online & Recorded

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!