Celestial Serpent and Seeking Immortality

Eclipses obscure the luminaries, making them a time to retreat from worldly action as much as possible and explore the source of illumination within. Contacting this inner radiance, we reveal the immortal Self of the self. ~ Kaya

It’s an incredibly unusual time of inner and outer change. We’ve had more major astrological shifts in the month of April 2022 than we normally see in a full year! This week it gets topped off with a major move of Saturn {lord of karma}, and two eclipses that carry us to mid May. 
Eclipses bring change and potential volatility, but also a sacred opportunity to delve inward and gain the maturity of life lessons & spiritual growth. Read on for more about the deeper meanings of the “celestial serpent” that creates eclipses, and how you might get swept up {for better or worse} in the pursuit of “immortality”. 

The Story of Rāhu

Rāhu Seeks Immortality and Swallows the Luminaries

Eclipses are created by the the nodes of the moon – the mathematical points in the sky which we can call the celestial serpent. This story tells of the desire for immortality that lead to trickery and the ultimate “swallowing” of the luminaries. 

In Vedic story, the Celestial Serpent Rāhu and Ketu, convey eternal themes of ambition, intense pursuit of a desire, insatiability, illusion, immortality vs. mortality, surprises, disguises, trickery, manipulation, social unrest, going against the "norm", instability, innovation, suddenness, unforeseen consequences, mystery and disruption of the status quo, relating with foreign cultures-lands-religions. ~ Michael Manzella, www.JyotishResolution.com

During an eclipse we often expect some volatility, intensity, sudden occurances and the potential for strangeness and disturbance to one’s discernment, emotions, clarity and sense of purpose. 
Surya [the sun] is connected to the individual soul as well as large institutions such as government. Soma [the moon] is connected to the mind and emotions and all public realms. So you can see that both solar and lunar eclipses impact the outer societal realm and the inner realm for each of us.
How we take on the eclipse can impact the six months to come. 
It is a time to take a respite and turn within. It is not a time to start a new worldly endeavor or make a major decision. But it’s a good time to enter the portal of your inner world. Go to the inner realms. Quieten down and keep life simple.

The Pursuit of Immortality

Much of 2022 has already been under a powerful influence of the celestial serpent in many ways already – with a continual pattern known as “kāla-sarpa” – in which all the planets are hemmed in between the head and tail – with rahu at one end, and ketu at the other end. In addition, Rahu-Ketu moved into a new position mid April. This year, we’ve been strongly effected by the nodes. 

The origin story of the nodes reveals a prominent theme of the “pursuit of immortality”. Below are a few ways this can express during this time – or for those with an influence of Rahu-Ketu in their birth chart, throughout life. 

Fear & Anxiety

Fear of death moves with one's subtle essence and is well rooted even in those with knowledge.

For many, the astrological influence of a desire for immortality can express as a hyper-awareness of one’s own morality which can show up in the form of increased worry, fear, and anxiety. One might find they are more fixated on their own mortality and have anxiety around health, fear of illness or injury, increase of phobias, worry about safety, fear of strangers, anxiety about death and aging and so on. We find we {or our health care providers or society} make “mountains out of mole hills”.  We can get totally swept up in individual or societal fear of death, forgetting that death and the end of things is a natural part of the life cycle and facing our own mortality can be an opportunity to remember that life is precious and sacred and not to waste it in worry. 

Confronting Instability

Rahu-Ketu’s movement and influence can stir up change. At these times we may find that we have an intense desire for stability and yet… plans fall through, or opportunities change, or we meet with surprise or unexpected shifts. We touch the inevitable and natural instability of life on earth. We have a deep craving for stability. But like grasping a rainbow… it slips through our fingers. The intense desire can blind us to the right choices that will actually give us the fulfillment we seek. This is a time to plant the seeds of vision for our best fulfillment of relative stability in an ever changing world.  Deeper vision and patience, keeps us open to how things are meant to be {beyond what the ego desires},. 

Pursuing the Fountain of Youth

Some, when confronted with the desire for immortality will go on to pursue greater vitality, youthfullness and wellbeing. This can express in diverse ways. Some may go for medical interventions such as plastic surgery or botox treatments. Others get on a health and fitness kick. Still others will delve into the world of natural beauty and vitality with lotions, potions, oils, herbs, elixirs, facials, natural diet, lifestyle and the like. Āyurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine are full of methods that offer ways to “stay young”. In fact, there is great depth and meaning to this endeavor – for a long healthy life makes for more time for maturation, life lessons and spiritual growth! 

Seeking the Immortal Self with sādhana

The Self is never born, nor does it die. It is eternal, undergoes no change whatsoever. When the body is destroyed, the Self is not destroyed.

The desire for immortality and the fear of death are in-built in each of us, biologically. But there is a profound spiritual drive here as well. For the truth is, that while the body is mortal, the Self of the self is never born and never dies. In the deepest sense, our desire for immortality is the deep desire for Self-revelation of the radiant presence within. Many people under the influence of Rahu-Ketu have the potential become sādhakas {spiritual seekers} in this life… and an eclipse season is an incredibly important time to develop or deepen one’s sādhana {more on this below}. In a way, we might say this is the “highest” expression of the theme of Rahu-Ketu, and one we can each aspire to through our choices and actions. 

Sādhana | Spiritual Practice

The best medicine for the desire for immortality is sādhana {spiritual practice}, which takes us inward to the true supreme immortal Self of the self. I’ll thread therapeutic Supreme Release Yoga with teachings about the 4 principles that transform practice into sādhana. We start next week. Join me for this sacred time in the SRY studio.

Rāhu & Ketu are mathematical points of the lunar orbit intersecting the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun). These two points potentiate two of the most stunning seeable celestial events – eclipses. [Michael Manzella]

how to ride out an eclipse time


  • Quietude & simple living
  • Increase spiritual practice {sādhana in general}
  • Mantra sādhana
  • Yoga Āsana as sādhana 
  • Sacred scriptural study as sādhana
  • Expect some circumstances or people of the past reappear for a period
  • Fasting during the hours of the eclipse if appropriate
  • Be open to change in plans or vision {but try to hold off on action}

Reduce or Avoid...

  • Do not gaze / look at eclipses.
  • No charging crystals, water or flower essences under eclipses
  • Avoid conflict where possible
  • Reduce media, social media
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid signing a contract or starting a new worldly endeavor
  • Avoid taking any major new action in the world
We have a solar eclipse on April 30 / May 1, 2022 and a lunar eclipse on May 15/16 2022. In addition, the year of 2022 has already had a very strong influence of the serpent overall. 

These are suggestions for what to do {and not to do} during the days of the eclipses in particular, as well as over the two week period in which they occur. There is no need to worry, but take the opportunity to make the best use of the time. As our jyotisha teacher would say, “every time is a good time, when we know what it is a good time for

Due to the placement and arrangement of this particular solar eclipse taking place April 30/May1, the Gayatri Mantra is recommended for chanting or listening. I recommend this recording which is accurate for the tradition. 

During the lunar eclipse taking place May 15/16, you can chant or listen to the Vasudeva chant found here

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