Your Spine and the Divine Wedding of Shiva and Parvati

"In this body, there is a sacred mountain, the vertebral column. Within this subtle realm are seers and sages, the stars and planets as well as sacred pilgrimages, temples, and deities. The sun and moon, the agents of creation and destruction and all the elements are also there within"

Storytime & Deeper Meanings

7 min on the Wedding of Shiva & Parvati and how it manifests Within the realm of your subtle Sacred Spine

The night of February 18*, 2023 is the annual Mahāśivarātri, great night of Śiva – the auspicious one, the first yogi. 

The night in which the auspicious lord of dissolution is most generous to those who chant his names, listen to his stories, drench and decorate his forms with sacred offerings, and dance to his drum beat – the rhythm of the cosmos.

*February 19, 2023 in New Zealand and parts of Australia

Shivaratri is a celebration of the Divine as both transcendent and beyond the manifestation & here and now and alive in subtle realms within. During these sacred windows of time, the supreme calls you toward your own awakening.  


Today & tonight under this special Shiva moon you can celebrate & invoke Shiva. To invoke Shiva is to invoke the principles of…

  • Dissolution
  • Letting Go
  • Releasing
  • Removing what is obstructing you
  • and my favorite word for it…RESOLUTION

Devotion & Resolution under this extra special sacred, powerful nearly-new moon. The night is calling you to pray to release what no longer serves!

Sending you much love on this special day & night! Om Namah Shivaya!


For a much deeper dive into these teachings….. 

  • Inside the Nectar of Time I share why this year’s Shivaratri is so so special 
  • Inside the SRY Studio online we go deeply week after week into the subtle realms of the body to discover and explore how these meaningful principles are alive in YOU.

Deepen within with Kaya, where mystical meets Practical

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Nectar of Time

Attune to the sacred manifesting as time

Experience life organized and nourished by the sacred nectar of time. Each month is oriented to a special vedic festival of the month and Kaya shares profoundly helpful Vedic Astrology insights for the month, classical stories of the gods and goddesses with the deeper meanings revealed, scriptural and oral teachings of vedanta & tantra and, mystical practices that transform life into a meaningful ritual . Each month includes live teachings, Q&A, and bonus content to help you orient each month attuned to cosmic order. 

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