Culminating Eclipse: Review, Refine & Release the Past

Eclipses are known to pull up themes of the past, while suddenly thrusting us forward. This eclipse, and its environment has a particular friction of the past & present that is an interesting wave to ride. ~ Kaya

Each eclipse has its own unique flavor – not only because of its astronomical location and influences but also because of other simultaneous astrological configurations and the momentum of the past.
The moon is the celestial mind; thus, lunar eclipses impact mental realms in particular, and a lunar eclipse in Scorpio can really affect your hidden fears, conditions, and desires. This eclipse is a good time to contemplate the themes of the past, envision your future, journal, pray, and ask for insights from omens and clarity from the natural world and dream world. 
The May 15/16 2022 full lunar eclipse in Scorpio is a unique pivot point that is going to call us to a culmination point, pull us to revisit the past, and increase our speed in leaping forward {ready or not}. 

Lunar Eclipse in a Place of Purpose

This lunar eclipse takes place in Scorpio – the final of a series of multiple eclipses in Scorpio that have taken place since 2020! So, in many ways, this is a “culmination eclipse” that will have you revisit strong themes of the past couple years, release, find a potential sense of closure, and envision what can shift and improve moving forward. 
The May 15 / 16 lunar eclipse is taking place at the beginning of Scorpio, in the constellation {nakṣatra} of Viṣākhā, ruled by Indrāgni – a merging of Indra Deva {lightning bolt-wielding commander known for both ego and devotion} and Agni Deva {lord of fire and transformation, known to give the blessing of regeneration}. This constellation carries the meaning of being given an immense task to accomplish. 
Right now, you may be facing feelings and circumstances associated with self-determination, purpose, strong will, focus on success, perfectionism, ambition, coming to terms with one’s ego, and the triumphant return that follows a lost battle. 
This eclipse brings feelings of unease as you come to terms with your own ego,  failures, and desires. 
You may have a strong desire to prevail but feelings of trepidation and doubt regarding the best way forward. You may be filled with conflicted feelings about your purpose or a strong vision but lack clarity on getting there. You may have intense ambition but are not sure how to direct it. You may feel you want to press forward but are hesitant due to past failures. 

Mercury Retrograde

This lunar eclipse happens to happen amidst a Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde has a “bad reputation” … when in fact, what it does is pulls us back to revisit, redress, reconsider, re-edit, and refine the past. Go backward a bit… and see where you can make some improvements and refinements, reconsider, review, and revise where needed before moving forward starting June 4th. This theme fits very well with the teachings of the Viṣākhā constellation described above. 

Saturn's Seriousness & Jupiter's Optimism

During this eclipse, you may be experiencing a push-me-pull-you vibe – one moment feeling optimistic and happy – like everything will be just fine! And a few moments later, feeling serious, rigid, fearful, and hemmed in by circumstances. This back and forth can be very disconcerting. The eclipse is influenced by a serious rule-following, safety-seeking Saturn and the optimistic and expansive Jupiter. What a ride. Just take the optimism where you can get it, and relax and enjoy the trust and gratitude when it arises. Then, when Saturn brings up the worries and intense feelings of seriousness – ask what responsibilities there are for you to focus on with seriousness and what things you can release. 

Overall, I would say this is a powerful eclipse and quite a wild ride! It has a lot of shakti, so it is a good time for spiritual sādhana and lessons. Give yourself some space and time to revisit, revise & release the past… and start to re-envision the future by simply staying open to deep messages, omens, and overall clarity which will unfold in the days to come as you put one foot in front of the other, knowing you do have a purpose here and you are always moving towards it. 

What to do / avoid during an eclipse

An eclipse is a time to take a respite and turn within. It is not a time to start a new worldly endeavor or make a major decision. But it’s a good time to enter the portal of your inner world. Go to the inner realms. Quieten down and keep life simple while you release the past & envision what is to come. 


  • Quietude & simple living
  • Increase spiritual practice {sādhana in general}
  • *Mantra sādhana
  • Yoga Āsana as sādhana 
  • Sacred scriptural study as sādhana
  • Expect some circumstances or people of the past to  reappear for a period
  • Fasting during the hours of the eclipse, if appropriate
  • Be open to change in plans or vision {but try to hold off on action}

Reduce or Avoid...

  • Do not gaze / look at eclipses.
  • No charging crystals, water, or flower essences under eclipses
  • Avoid conflict where possible
  • Reduce media, and social media
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid signing a contract or starting a new worldly endeavor
  • Avoid taking any major new action in the world

*During the lunar eclipse taking place May 15/16, you can chant or listen to the Vasudeva chant found here. Any mantra done during the eclipse time {use the internet to find the time in your locale} is efficacious! It is said the effect of mantras done during an eclipse is multiplied 10-fold {or more!}

Becoming Integrated &
Remembering your Power

A brief clip of Hanuman's Story

This is a time when many of us are being asked to integrate the past, gather our strengths, lean into the trust that can only come from sacred devotion, and take a leap forward – ready or not. Here’s a little insight from the story of the great Vānara, Hanumān. 

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