November 2022 Lunar Eclipse

Kaya's Thoughts on the Lunar Eclipse

Excerpt from Nectar of Time

Some Tea & Jyotish insights for the Total Lunar Eclipse happening Nov 7-8 in the sign of Aries*, which is ruled by mars, in the star constellation {a deeper more specific layer} that is called Bharaṇī. Listen to the video clip for what this means… 

Student Q: “I started to feel fear since Saturday and woke up Sunday morning with intense fears and exhaustion. I plan on resting and praying. Making a big pot of Kitchari and turmeric tea.

From Kaya: Yes… for some people, the combination of Rahu + moon can = phobia, anxiety, fears, etc… I recommend rescue remedy or other similar flower essences… as subtle medicine is good for subtle influences. Nervine teas {chamomile or lemon balm for example}, easy to digest food, warm baths, early bedtimes, rest, prayer, mantra, gentle yoga. And…  some light comedic entertainment helps to not take life to heavily. Do what helps as long as it is sattvic. It will pass.

General Recommendations for the hours before & during the Eclipse

During eclipses it is advised to

– Stay in
– Do mantra sādhana and inward oriented, gentle āsana, scriptural study.
– Do not gaze at the eclipse
– Be more introverted
– Fast from food if appropriate
– Bathe after the eclipse


*Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac calculations which are astronomically accurate {accounting for the earth’s wobble}. This astronomical accuracy will give different results than western astrology’s frozen zodiac. The moon is astronomically eclipsed in Aries {not Taurus}. 

As always, the specificity of the effect of an eclipse on you will vary  depending on your horoscope. 

This vide was clipped from a 2 hour Astrology + Vedic Storytelling + Q+A inside the Nectar of Time. Much more was shared including the current exaggeration of Mars in the realm of communication of those in power, creating conflict, volatility, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and untruths rooted in ambition particularly in the realm of interpersonal relationships, media, social media and politics. 

Don’t worry… good can be extracted from this time {particularly on the spiritual realm}. It can be helpful to know when intensity is happening so you can ride it the wave rather than resist it or get lost in it. I expect things to settle in late November. 

*Nectar of Time is a year-long container of vedic teachings, stories, timely astrology, ayurvedic lifestyle, recipes and community connection .

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