Tea and Jyotish – December 2022

Slowly Moving Forward!

Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in for some guidance for the end of 2022. ~ Kaya

  • Full Moon of passion and reaction
  • Exaggerated mars and untruthful speech
  • Forward movement of the lord of karma, Saturn
  • Forward movement of lord of dharma, Jupiter
My suggestions for this time to remedy the difficulties and gather the boons:
1) sattva: harmonizing, peaceful and luminous attitude, lifestyle, and diet 
2) sādhana: spiritual practice done with regularity and dedication 
3) slow: slow down your reaction time to be clear in your RIGHT understanding and RIGHT forward movement 
>>>The key to all of these? Sustainable routines that are connected to cosmic order… regular eating + sleeping times! Regular work time. Routines keep the Tejas burning and keep you sattvic and stepping forward with harmony. 
Routines, ritualizing life, and Tejas are my programs’ themes this month. Find me inside the Nectar of the Gitā, Nectar of Time, and Tejas: Revealing Radiance. 

Nectar of The Gita

Kaya’s most comprehensive online philosophy program for yoga students, seekers & teachers. Gain meaningful transformation through the illuminative teachings for spiritual seekers living in the world of responsibility and relationships. 

The Bhagavad Gītā shared with the stories of the Mahābharata are essential for modern yogis because it delivers the most complete and supreme teachings not on a serene mountain top, but right in the center of the complicated, conflict-ridden life of a householder. Kaya expertly threads story, examples & scriptural knowledge that make it meaningful, personal and deeply transformational. 

Lessons have begun but you can still catch up
Tejas: Revealing Radiance
December 2022 Series

Tejas is the radiance, warmth and luminosity of the cosmos, and within YOU. For health, intelligence, clarity and spiritual awakening tejas must be attuned.

It’s realms are fire, digestion, intelligence, transformation, the triangle shape, upright positions, dharmic action, and the sun.

In this series, Kaya will share therapeutic & transformative Supreme Release Yoga practices that support warmth, radiance, release, digestion and cosmic intelligence along the central channel of the body. Practice is threaded with veda contemplations about inner luminosity that carries into your actions in the world.

Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!