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Dwelling in Durga

Dwelling in Durgā Spring 2023 Intermediate Navarātri Celebration with Kaya ONLINE PROGRAM Om Śri Durgāyai Namaḥ “With the highest selfless devotion, worship and meditate upon the feminine sovereign whom the Gods adore. Then the recitation of these 108 names should begin” – Devī Mahatmya Dwelling in Durgā Devī March 27, 2023 Navaratri Dates are: March …

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Navaratri Durga Devi

Devotion to Durgā Devī Intermediate Mantra Sādhana Navarātri Offering ONLINE PROGRAM Om Śri Durgāyai Namaḥ “With the highest selfless devotion, worship and meditate upon the feminine sovereign whom the Gods adore. Then the recitation of these 108 names should begin” – Devī Mahatmya Navarātri 2022 Devotion to Durgā Devī Prerequisites: 1) Desire for this practice …

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Minimal Props SRY Training

Minimal Props SRY Training A Practical Training for Teachers and Dedicated Yogis – Designed for Graduates of SRY Fundamentals with Kaya {or equivalent} Online Program On-Demand Learn to Nourish & Release {or teach others!} with fewer props. Want to share or practice SRY with fewer props? Whether for your practice during travel, teaching in an …

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DeMystifying Karma

DeMystifying Karma ONLINE COURSE “The pain and joy you will experience in this lifetime is encoded in your body, and in the earth, and in the stars, at the time of your birth. It is karma which takes each individual down their path in life.” ~ The Devi Bhagavatam DeMystifying Karma Understanding Fate, Free Will …

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Nectar of Yoga Certifications

Nectar of Yoga Philosophy Certifications with Kaya Sarva Rasa Instutute “Who is qualified to receive the knowledge of Iśvara? One with pure intelligence. One who has made commitments to make the mind sattvic. This brings the blessing to see things as they really are.” ~ Śri Krishan Mantri​ You likely already know that certification does …

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Subtle Realms Within

Subtle Realms Within Kuṇḍalinī Śakti, Soma, & Cakras oh my! ONLINE PROGRAM Within this body is a sacred mountain Subtle Realms Within Kundalini, Soma, & Cakras Oh my! In this essential lecture on the classical fundamentals of the subtle spine, Kaya de-mystifies the mystery and power described in the tantrika and yoga tradition that is …

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Nectar of Patanjali

Nectar of Patanjali ONLINE COURSE Athā YogānuśāsanamAnd now, Yoga– Patanjali Yoga Sūtra 1.1 – Nectar of Patanjali Yoga Sutras with Kaya updated Dates: July 2023 Wisdom in Purpose, Potential & Practice Key teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtras, stewarded by Kaya’s authentic, mothering, enlivened approach. Many modern yoga sūtra programs live on the binary of academic …

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Nectar of Navarātri Initiation

Nectar of Navarātri Initiation Sacred Initiation into Feminine Divine ONLINE PROGRAM “Though the divine is all-pervasive and is everything, the glory of the divine is visible wherever there is a ray of glory” – Swami Dayananda – Nectar of Navarātri Sacred Inititation 7 minutes ~ answering your big questions about Navarātri enroll now The Vedic & …

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The Nectar of Action

The Nectar of Action Learn to make every moment of life yoga. Online Program About The Nectar of Action Kaya clearly lays out the most essential yogic teachings for householders. Understand the human condition and the human potential in a deeply meaningful way while you learn how to transmute all of life into fodder for …

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The Nectar of the Gītā

The Nectar of the Gitā ONLINE PROGRAM A COMPREHENSIVE IMMERSION IN TEACHINGS THAT TRANSMUTE EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE INTO AN ILLUMINATIVE NECTAR Nectar of the Gita Practical meets Mystical | 40 hour Dive The Gita is called a ‘nectar’ because it concentrates the most supreme teachings of the vedic tradition in one scripture, and it …

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Mantra and Sanskrit Classes

Sanskrit & Mantra ONLINE COURSES Sanskrit Pronunciation & Transliteration Course Polish your mind with sacred sound & meaning Sanskrit is the linguistic key to the whole vedic tradition – from yoga and ayurveda, to vedic astrology and yogic scripture. The sounds of sanskrit purify your subtle body to align you with cosmic order and the …

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Nectar of Nidra

Nectar of Nidrā ONLINE PROGRAM The Nectar of Nidrā will 1} give you a profound deepening of your own yogic journey, 2} utterly transform your understanding of yoga overall and 3} provide you with an authentic and accessible skill to help others in their healing by taking them deeply within.  THE NECTAR OF NIDRA online program …

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Complimentary SRY Yoga Practice

Supreme Release Yoga is calming, grounding, and nourishing. 

You can open up a world within that has an inner divinity and stability that abides even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. 

Set aside an hour and experience the power of SRY!